Introducing our new Anat Baniel Method Phone Sessions!

8311065058_5e25ec6170Process your concerns and receive meaningful answers to your questions. Learn what you can do now to overcome pain and move with greater comfort.

Initial phone sessions will last up to an hour. We will explore what may be contributing to your discomfort, or stalling your healing and create strategies for moving toward realizing your goal.

Personalized Transformational Movement Lessons taught over the phone can also be scheduled.

Personalized Transformational Movement Lessons by Phone.

Effective with or without Skype!

Find out ways you can move so that your brain receives rich information with which to better organize itself, and create comfortable, efficient movement!

The lessons are simple and easy to do.

After helping you to find a safe and comfortable place in your home or office, I guide you in slow, gentle movement, as you sit or lie.


Help yourself move with greater comfort.

With Your Thinking Body Phone TMLs, your curiosity and attention to yourself can be the beginning of whole new possibilities of comfort and ease!


About Rosalie

Rosalie Lamb is a Mastery Level Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Practitioner. She utilizes touch and movement as powerful modes of communication and engages people with skill, care and respect. Rosalie's expert use of touch and knowledge of the body in motion have helped hundreds of people to overcome movement challenges through individual sessions, workshops and classes.
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