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Awaken Your Child’s Brilliance!Hi! I’m Rosalie Lamb

Through slow gentle movement  I provide your child’s brain with essential information about the way they are moving. With this information your child’s brain becomes better organized. Kids become more creative and effective. They move with greater ease. They grow more confident!

Helping Kids Discover Their Brilliance

Often children are asked to do what they cannot. Sometimes this is in the area of physical accomplishments like rolling over or walking. Sometimes it is about learning to read or simply to hear and follow instructions. The reason kids cannot do these things is not due to a weak brain or tight muscles or laziness.

They lack a full image of themselves due to incomplete mapping of parts of themselves in their brain. They cannot accomplish a task, not because they don’t understand the task, (although often they don’t), but because they have not yet formed connections within themselves that make movement and problem solving possible.

Your Confident Kid utilizes the Anat Baniel Method, a respected movement-based approach that makes use of the brain’s ability to change and grow. Leading neurologists have confirmed the vital connection between movement, learning and healthy brain function.

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Free Children’s Clinic provided special experiences!
13 children from 3 weeks to 12 years old, received ABM Lessons at the September Free Children’s Clinic in Berkeley!
A 9 month old rolled over and supported herself on her arms with her head held high for the first time!
A special salute to the amazing parents who offered their children this great opportunity to move through life as successfully as possible!Thanks to ABM Practitioners, Robin Zander, Olga Lubarsky, Sharon Tomsky and myself! Heartfelt thanks also to Donna Sakima, Oliver Bayley and Rosalie Parker who helped the day go smoothly as Support Staff!
The next Free Children’s Clinic!


Saturday Dec 14

10 am- 3 pm

Look for details in the next Your Confident Kid Newsletter!
Autism Revolution by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

Martha Herbert is an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and director of the research program, TRANSCEND, at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is currently a student in the Children’s Mastery Training in the Anat Baniel Method.

Autism Revolution contains valuable information for parents of kids with any type of challenge.
Dr. Herbert shares insights into the possible impediments to the health of children and offers practical alternatives that can contribute significantly to improving children’s health.

Take 3 minutes for yourself!
*Slow, *subtle  movement provides vital information to the brain.
Slow and gentle movement helps a child feel safe and interested.
It also helps you by making your experience of moving easier to feel! As you pay attention to your experience of movement, new neuro connections form in your brain!My gift for You!1. First just sit forward in your chair. Notice how sitting feels. Where do you feel you exert effort to sit? Do you use your arms to help hold you up?(Special Note: If you feel pain or discomfort, do the movement slower and smaller. If the pain persists, do the movement in your imagination only. Although this takes more effort, you will have a fruitful experience! I promise!)2. Now sit near the front of your chair, with your feet as directly below your knees as is comfortable. Rest your left hand on your left thigh.3. Now place your right hand on the top of your head with your right elbow pointing to your right. Make it comfortable for yourself!

Slowly, much more slowly than you usually move, begin tipping your head to your left so that your left ear moves toward your left shoulder. Notice if your shoulder tends to move as well. Do not bring it toward your ear.
Go a short distance. Definitely do not move into pain. Come back to sitting with your hand still on your head.  You will notice that your right elbow moves upward as you bring your left ear toward your shoulder.

With utmost attention to your feeling, do this small gentle tipping movement a few times. Be sure you continue facing forward so that there is no twisting to either side.  Always look forward. This may mean you don’t move as far. That’s OK. Go a shorter distance and enjoy the ease of intentionally moving slowly.

Can you tell if your left shoulder moves? Where and how does it move? Or maybe it doesn’t move. Notice also if there is any movement in your chest, or spine. Maybe you will feel your ribs move. Maybe one side of your ribs are easier to feel than the other. Maybe not. Does your weight shift toward one hip? Which one?

4. Put you right hand on your right thigh and rest as you sit. Lean on the back of your chair if you wish.

5. Return to the front of your chair with your feet on the floor below your knees.

6. Place your right hand on your right thigh and your left hand on the top of your head. Listen carefully to the next direction.

7, Again, tip your left ear to the left.

As you repeat this movement do you notice your spine lengthening or moving? Does your weight move on to one hip more than the other? Experiment. What is happening with your ribs? Chest?

8. Now stay tipped to your left with your left hand on your head. While you are askew this way, begin lifting one hip a bit off the chair. Then lift your other hip a bit off your chair.

9. Return slowly to sitting on both hips and bring your hand down to rest on your thigh. Sit in your neutral position.

How does sitting feel now? Perhaps you feel taller. Perhaps not. Do you notice yourself sitting more easily?
Does your breathing seem freer?

Whether you have noticed many differences, none, or a few,  this work is worth doing. It helps you to become aware of your feeling of yourself. This skill has many uses in life. More about that in future Newsletters!

*these are 2 of the 9 Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method.

Additional opportunity for kids!
Do you have a child with special needs or know of a child between the ages of 0 – 5, that you feel might benefit from ABM Lessons?Applications are being accepted for complementary lessons being held in San Rafael on November 1 and 2.Please email Mike Davis at or call 480-720-5854.
Give yourself a powerful opportunity to flourish!
6:30-7:30 pm
Move with greater efficiency.
Spring Fall Studio
Think more clearly.
2525 8th Street, Bay 2

                                                                               Only $20.!

Transformational Movement lessons!

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