High Performers

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George Brooks. Photo by Sasha Svet. www.georgebrooks.com

High Performers, once your abilities are well developed, the key to realizing your next level of excellence is to utilize your brain’s capacity to grow and change.

You’ve developed -in at least one skill set-a high level of perceptive ability and physical and emotional precision. High Performers may be well known athletes, artists, chefs, musicians, or CEO’s or less known experts including inspiring teachers, skiers, or people with highly developed interpersonal skills.

Problems that stop high performers, including pain and limitation, or stagnant or declining skills, lie in unrecognized limits within your neuromuscular system.

This can be the result of a training method that gave good results initially and now is limiting your ability to continue to excel. Or possibly, past injuries or habits are interfering in the precision of your action.

You can discover new ways to move, think and create by providing high quality information to your brain. The brain’s facility for organizing itself provides improved efficiency and organization in movement and mental/emotional skills.

The Anat Baniel Method utilizes the brain’s capacity to grow new connections in response to high level information it receives through movement.