ABM Functional Synthesis Lessons

Imagine feeling the change from exerting unnecessary effort in standing and walking, to moving easily and having more energy available to you.


Each lesson takes place on a lightly padded table. Don’t forget your comfortable clothes and shoes and socks. During your session, the Anat Baniel Method Practitioner uses her sense of touch and knowledge of the human structure to feel your readiness to move. She matches your system’s availability to respond.

As you observe your experience of being guided and supported in gentle movement by the practitioner, your brain receives vital information that makes it possible to move quickly into new awareness and stronger presence within yourself.

Your brain becomes better organized and is able to function more efficiently, mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Many people begin to perform at higher levels immediately. Your movement can become both more precise and more powerful.

Find out what being supported more fully by your skeletal system means to you.