Pain Relief

We move as a whole, and when we experience injury, illness or surgery, we react as a whole by limiting our movement to protect ourselves.

Rosemary YTB EditedFeeling pain and limitation can be frustrating and frightening. We want to know what is wrong and we want it fixed as soon as possible. Our natural tendency is to focus on our pain as both the problem and area in which the solution lies. People do heal this way, but may also notice lingering limitation in movement, energy level or simply cannot find a way to stop feeling pain.

Our healing process involves reorganizing our movement as our capacity to move increases. The healing of local restrictions and the overall organization of our movement are inextricably linked, each depending on the evolution of the other in the process of regaining optimal freedom, comfort and power in movement. The source of movement reorganization necessary for healing resides in our brain.

Imagine yourself having the skill to change your movement habits, ease pain and move with greater freedom and precision.. Through gentle, varied Movement with Attention you can heal more completely and increase your range of movement and mental function. Curiosity and exploration of your own subtle movement effectively support your intention and action in life.