Anti Aging


ABM is Amazing! I feel much greater ease as I sit, walk and turn. I sleep better! I want to shout about this miracle! I saw my husband, who’s had 5 knee surgeries; walk into Rosalie’s class with an uneven gait, almost limping, and walk out with a smooth, even, graceful stride, saying, ‘I feel like running!’

-Stephanie Smith, student in Rosalie’s Berkeley Anat Baniel Method Class

  • Are you experiencing lower energy levels, less enthusiasm for life, discomfort or even pain associated with walking or daily activities?
  • Do you increasingly choose familiar surroundings and established habits of living and limit new experiences?

You can continue to refine your movement and intellect as long as you live. Neuroscience has proven that the brain has the ability to grow and change throughout life. The brain can use high quality information provided through movement, to improve its own organization, resulting in more efficient movement and mental function.