Your Thinking Body

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Do you:

  • Wish to move with greater precision, power and comfort?
  • Want to use your body in a manner that prolongs vitality, mobility and mental clarity?
  • Like the idea of learning new ways to move that increase efficiency, cause less wear on joints, reduce pain and prevent injury?
  • Use your body as a resource for intuition, insight or creativity in your artistic, spiritual or work life?

Your Thinking Body provides group and individual movement lessons that are distinct from conventional approaches whose goal is solely to improve posture and movement.

By using the Anat Baniel Method’s practical application of neuroplasticity-the brain’s ability to change and grow-you can move with greater efficiency while enhancing your creativity, memory and emotional intelligence.

By using this gentle, safe educational method your brain becomes more efficient.

We encourage you to notice how you feel throughout a lesson and make use of the experience in your daily life. Initially it is easier to feel changes physically, but greater physical ease and precision is inextricably connected to our entire experience of ourselves. You will notice yourself being more effective in one or many aspects of your life.

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