Transformational Movement Lessons

Increase your power to help yourself

TML PageTransformational Movement Lessons (TML’s) are powerful tools in refining movement patterns.

Based on your comfort and the format of the lesson, sessions can take place on a mat, a padded table, sitting or standing.

Instructions are given and each student initiates movements himself with careful guidance from the teacher. This is deeply informative because your discoveries result from your own action.

Because you are actively participating you have a greater understanding and memory of the lesson. If you remember and recreate some of the movements, even doing them in your imagination, you expand upon your learning.

Moving with curiosity and subtlety and noticing positive changes, small or large, leads to better balance, increased ease of movement and a sense of personal power.

Begin building potent tools to calm, invigorate or relieve pain. 

You are welcome to do this short Transformational Movement Lesson.  Waking up your back! A Gift!