Whether you want to reduce pain, embrace a goal such as running faster, or wish to move through life with greater precision, your intention is important. Holding a clear intention signals your brain to recognize and prioritize useful information. Your brain becomes a magnet, prioritizing facts and feelings you need to succeed.

Employing your intention as you sense your  movement will refine your neuroconnections, upgrading the precision with which you move and think. This powerful combination of actions is useful in overcoming conscious and unconscious limitation. Learning to focus on your feelings, which requires moving slowly, gives you specific information you can use to function more in accordance with your chosen values and goals. Both healing and becoming more skillful, are fascinating, challenging and creative processes. We tend to want to know what is wrong with us, and while knowledge of the problem may be useful or even vital, it isn’t a focus that finally promotes healing or high level performance. Developing our ability to perceive our subtle movement is a skill that serves powerfully in any creative process. The clarity with which we perceive our subtle movement makes it possible for us to organize ourselves so we can care for ourselves effectively and both move toward, and continually refine, our goals.

In Person Sessions

You are encouraged to share your goals and also to let us know about concerns, injuries or conditions you might have. You will be assisted in finding a position that is comfortable on a padded table. Sitting in a chair is also an option. Cushions may be placed to provide extra support. Your comfort is important to the work being effective. A sense of safety will increase your ability to perceive your subtle movement. Functional Synthesis or a Transformational Movement Lesson or a combination of the two are all possible methods of providing you with information about yourself that can help your brain make positive changes.

Phone Sessions

Learn what you can do to overcome pain, move with greater comfort, and/or optimize your outcome from traditional fitness or therapeutic approaches. Initial phone sessions are thirty to sixty minutes in length. We will explore what may be contributing to your discomfort, or stalling your healing and create strategies for moving toward realizing your goal. Personalized Transformational Movement Lessons can be taught over the phone.

Group Classes

Group classes, called Transformational Movement Lessons are a great chance to explore in an atmosphere of curiosity and discernment with people taking action to feel better and actualize their goals. Skillful guidance through varied movement creates opportunities for you to turn the power of your attention to your subtle movement. The classes are richly varied and may take place lying, sitting, or standing. Your safety and comfort are not only desirable, they are necessary to delivering information to your brain that allows you to refine your movement and mental function.

Tuesday Night Classes

Your Thinking Body offers weekly Transformational Movement Lessons Tuesdays in Berkeley, CA. The Tuesday Classes are taught by Rosalie Lamb and Sharon Tomsky,  Anat Baniel Practitioners with in depth experience in movement, improvisation and dance. Spring Fall Studio 2525 8th St. Bay 2 (Between Parker St and Dwight Way) Berkeley, CA 94710 $20 6:30-7:30 pm.

1st time attendees please call at least 48 hours in advance, 510.282.3071, so we can create the best learning experience possible! Class does not meet the last 2 Tuesdays of December.