March 10 2014 Newsletter

How great it would be for you to receive this gentle work, move more efficiently, improve in mental function and receive 50% off, too!Its not too late.Take advantage of the incredible March offer by scheduling 2 or more sessions in a week!From the stand point of your brain, it is a fantastic idea!Your new neural connections can strengthen more quickly and become better established.When you grow additional new neural connections that work in conjunction with recently grown neural connections, these new, more complex networks in your brain serve you better. For most people 2, 3, 4 or 5, lessons in a week truly offer your system a huge opportunity to make significantly bigger improvements.To make it easier for you I am offering, in addition to weekday scheduling, a limited number of weekend appointments.I am enjoying working with some great new folks. I would be delighted to see you, as well!Please call or email soon to schedule times that work the best for you!


“I don’t feel it now. I don’t feel the pain.” A first time March client.

March OfferHi Friends, Family, Community, Colleagues,When I see people moving in ways that are labored or look painful I wish I had the opportunity to help them do better!Is your moving strained or limited? Your movement can be easier! Everyday activities can be an enjoyable part of your life!To support you in stepping into freer movement, I am offering you an amazing deal during the month of March!Schedule 4 appointments, and receive each one for as little as $60!
My March sliding scale, for new or returning clients, is $60- $125.!Positive brain change is now well documented by science.
Now is the time to feel it!Schedule yourself an opportunity!rosalie 510-282-3071Warmly,
Individual LessonsComfort is not just important for a nurturing experience. Comfort and safety are essential for positive neurological changes. Your attention is free to perceive your subtle movement experience. Your brain is poised to use that information to better organize and refine itself.Turning your attention to your subtle movement results in a more complete representation of yourself in your brain. More accurate mapping of yourself is an essential resource for awareness and effective brain function.rosalie
Invite RosalieLearn the practical application of neuroplasticity and experience changes within yourself!
Share with colleagues and friends an intriguing and personally beneficial introduction to Your Thinking Body and the Anat Baniel Method!Experience a Transformational Movement Lesson and
an introduction to the 9 Essentials and Neuromovement.Schedule a Presentation on one of the topics below for your office, community or professional group.Vitality, Anti-Aging and Pain Relief
Breathing, Posture and Pain Relief
Kids with Special Needs
Weekly Transformational Movement Classes
At the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley CA
Improve Balance + Recover form Injury + Recreate Your Joy in Moving
Have a better functioning brain!Spring Fall Studio2525 8th St. Bay 2 (Between Parker St & Dwight Way)
Berkeley, CA 94710
$201st time attendees please call at least 48 hours in advance 510-282-3071 so we can create the best learning experience possible!
High Performing

Move to your next higher level!
Reduce or eliminate pain!
Better brain organization supports more powerful and precise action. 510-282-3071
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About Rosalie

Rosalie Lamb is a Mastery Level Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Practitioner. She utilizes touch and movement as powerful modes of communication and engages people with skill, care and respect. Rosalie's expert use of touch and knowledge of the body in motion have helped hundreds of people to overcome movement challenges through individual sessions, workshops and classes.
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